Welcome to the official Qadir Nagar Trust website. We thank you for your visit. This website will provide you general information and up to date progress of the current activities of the Trust. The founder of this Trust is Qibla Ubaidullah Durrani. He wanted to create something that will give benefit to the whole community. This trust is situated in District Buner, Swat of Pakhtun Khawa, Pakistan. The main theme of it is to provide help to the needy people where they don't have the proper facilities to move forward in life.



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Currently trust is involved in different projects. Deployment of educational institutions under our free education system and Reconstruction of its property in Qadir Nagar, Buner.
Trust was also providing relief to the Flood Victims of Malakand in 2010.


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Homeopathic medicines are given in Qadir Nagar on alternate weekends free of cost. Three doctors prescribe the patients and compounders help in distribution of medicines. Around 500 to 600 patients are attended.


Qadir Nagar is the Darbar-e-Khas of Hazrat Baba Jan Qibla and also know that to understand the occurrence in this very special audience one has to be an expert on Ilm-e-Ludni and Ilme-e-Takween how ever glimpses of what these mortal eyes could see is being recorded here.

Though apparently Qadir Nagar seems to be an Aastana, a Hermitage, as the name suggests living place of Qadir or permanent residence of Hazrat Qibla Ubaid Ullah Khan Durrani (Baba Jan Qibla), for some people it may be a summer resort of Baba Jan Qibla but in actuality it was, it is and it shall be for times to come The Darbar-E-Khas of Baba Jan Qibla. Every plant, every stone, any thing and all that is there have a specific meaning and purpose.


Latest News

Eid Milad-un-Nabi Celebrations

Eid Milad-un-Nabi was celebrated on 4th and 5th February 2012 in Qadir Nagar.

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QNT Annual Report 2010
15th May 2011
An annual report of trust is now available online. Please visit the documents section in the Media Gallery tab or just click on the following link.

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12th Rabiulawal Pictures
15th February 2011
Please find the function pictures in the Photographs (new) section under the Multimedia Tab.

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Qadir Nagar Engineering University (QNEU)

Under the umbrella of Qadir Nagar Trust a Mega Project of QNEU has been launched. The inauguration ceremony of QNEU was held in June 2010, Prof. Dr. MAQ Jahangir Durrani was the chief guest. To view the pictures please click the following link.


Free Seeds Distribution Pictures

Qadir Nagar Intermediate Science College
Free Intermediate Education for the students of Buner,Swat.
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Flood Relief Work

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Qadir Nagar Trust

Qadir Nagar, Dist. Bunner,
Swat, Pakistan

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